IOG Delegation Insights

Lambda Honeypot
2 min readMay 16, 2021


Like many SPOs we were hopeful of receiving IOG delegation in this current round, but were not selected. To better understand the process, and learn how to be selected next time, we performed some analysis on the pools that were chosen.

The raw data is available on our website here.

For more information on what the IOG delegation is, please refer to the IOG delegation announcement post.

Active Stake for epoch 265

  • Active stake ranged from around 41.2 Million to 5.62 Thousand ADA.
  • The average active stake was around 4.18 Million ADA.
  • 48% of pools selected had an active stake above 1.3 Million ADA (the estimated amount to be assigned one block per epoch on average).

Lifetime blocks

  • 13% of pools chosen had 0 lifetime blocks (although 2 of these minted in 265).
  • 61% of pools had produced 10 or more lifetime blocks.


  • All Pools chosen have a fixed fee of 340 (the minimum possible)
  • The pool margin fees ranged from 5% to 0.
  • 86% of pools had a margin lower than 3%.
  • 19% of pools had a margin of 0%.


  • There was one pool with 0 pledge. Excluding that pool, the selected pools pledge’s ranged from 1.56 Million ADA to 5 ADA.
  • The average pledge was around 196 Thousand ADA.
  • Excluding the 0 pledge pool, pledge leverage ranged from 369378 to 1.022.
  • The average pledge leverage was around 4097.


  • 31% of pools had 1 relay listed in the ledger state. 17 of these are potentially DNS servers.
  • The range of relays listed was between 8 and 1.
  • At least 40% of the selected pools had relays in multiple countries (confirmed using ada pools about tab).

Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge this information is accurate and was sourced using ADAPools API and the ledger-state. Please reach out to us if you feel any of the information needs to be corrected! Find our contact details here.