Like many SPOs we were hopeful of receiving IOG delegation in this current round, but were not selected. To better understand the process, and learn how to be selected next time, we performed some analysis on the pools that were chosen.

The raw data is available on our website here.


  • A secure air-gapped offline machine running linux
  • An existing delegator you want to make a pool owner. They must have their recovery phrase for the wallet they used to delegate
  • Access to your block producing node to update the registration certificate / pledge

After setting up our Cardano Stakepool…

How to invest in Cardano

Cardano is a blockchain technology and ADA is the cryptocurrency associated with it. ADA is generated and distributed by the Cardano blockchain. The simplest way to invest in Cardano is to buy ADA. …

This article is intended to provide an easy, step-by-step guide to install Ubuntu server with Docker on a new or existing machine.


You need:

  • A USB drive big enough to install Ubuntu (more than 2GB is fine)
  • A computer with a working internet connection to download Ubuntu and setup…

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